In April 2014 Lights On was formed to fill a need for experienced and knowledgeable web direct marketing as well as revenue management. We are  focused on providing powerful services and strategic engagements to independent hotels, resorts, and micro chains. Born out of the desire to not just manage, but to improve upon, to make a lasting and impactful difference for our clients, Lights On aims high and delivers.

  • Patrick Ahler
    Patrick Ahler Partner & VP of Marketing
  • Will Song
    Will Song Partner & VP of Revenue


Marketing has changed dramatically over the years and with the advent of the web the ability to understand your guests and the process of turning lookers into bookers has evolved. Until recently technology costs have limited the smaller businesses from participating in this change.

At Lights On we’ve made it our mission to empower hotel managers and owners to utilize these now core data metrics to improve their business outcomes.

What Makes Us Different?


No more wondering about your performance. Get clear, concise reporting. It’s refreshing.

Data Driven

Make accurate and informed decisions thanks to easy-to-understand dashboard insights.

Client Focused

We are an extension of you. Your best results are always our top priority.