3 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Help Boost Bookings

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Hotel marketing strategies for success

In the hospitality industry, any hotelier would know that without a steady flow of bookings, whether it’s off peak or the peak season, a hotel will have to close up shop. How would you make sure that a significant amount of people would find your hotel and choose to book there? The answer: through effective hotel marketing strategies!

1. Make a search engine optimized website for your hotel.

Without a hotel website, you won’t be able to build trust. One of the most effective hotel marketing strategies is for your website to be search engine optimized. SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, makes it easier for people to find your hotel on the web.

For example, if your hotel is located in Phoenix, AZ and people type “hotel in Phoenix AZ” on Google or another search engine, your website should be one of the search results – to be specific, it’s best if your website is listed on Page 1 of the search results.

seo hotel marketing strategies

SEO requirements for your hotel

Nowadays there’s a lot of SEO experts you can hire to help you apply SEO strategies on your website. Some would charge affordable rates and some would charge higher. Go with someone with the expertise and will really be able to put your website on Page 1 of search engine results – the priority of course is to be on Google’s page 1 results for relevant keywords.

2. Make sure your website follows these hotel marketing strategies.

Your hotel’s website should look professional. You can’t apply a basic theme to it and make it look like some kind of blog. Have a website developer use a nice, professional looking theme as this will help build trust in anyone who visits your website.

Your website should also be user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate. People should also find it easy to get information about the different room types, features and amenities, and more importantly, they should be able to book quickly and securely!

hotel marketing strategies website

Hotel website requirements

Uploading beautiful, clear images of the different rooms and amenities in your hotel is also one of the hotel marketing strategies you should apply. Adding some videos of your hotel, even a 360 degrees virtual tour, will also help build trust and entice more people to book with you rather than with a competitor.

3. Social media marketing is key.

Social media marketing will always be present on lists showcasing hotel marketing strategies that work. It’s a reality that most people can’t live without social media today, specifically Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others. As a hotelier, you should take advantage of social media and use it to market your hotel effectively.

social media hotel marketing strategies

Social media marketing for your hotel

If your hotel doesn’t have an official Facebook page yet, now’s the time to create one! Creating an official page isn’t enough, though. You have to post on Facebook consistently e.g. a few times a week and engage with your audience. Make sure each post is interesting and relevant to your hotel. Don’t forget to include a clear, relevant, and catchy image (or a set of images) per post!

Having an Instagram account for your hotel is also one of the most effective hotel marketing strategies today. This is because people love taking a look at beautiful images and research has shown that images are more easily retained in people’s minds, compared to text only content. Posting relevant, clear, and beautiful images on your hotel’s Instagram account a few times a week is a must!

Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags on those images and also encourage guests to post images on Instagram that are relevant to your hotel and for them to use your hotel’s hashtag e.g. #yourhotelname, aside from the usual hashtags like #besthotel, #luxuryhotel, #travel, #vacation, etc!

These 3 hotel marketing strategies are some of the best ones that’ll help increase your hotel’s bookings. For more hotel marketing trends that truly work, give our team at LightsOnDigital.com a CALL. Learn more about our Hotel Marketing, Revenue Management, and OTA Channel Management Services and how we can help make your hotel a success!

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