Innovative Ideas for Hotels for the New Year

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New Year, New Ideas

The hospitality industry is fast moving. Whether you own a hotel, a resort, an inn, or a bed & breakfast, you can’t sit still as every year brings a new set of innovative ideas for hotels that’ll help make your hotel business a success, or even more profitable! Below you’ll find new trends that are worth applying this coming 2020.

1. Attribute-based Booking

More and more people prefer products and services that are customized for them. Take Netflix as an example. When you have a Netflix account, the very first thing Netflix will ask you is to choose movies and TV series you love so they can show you results that are based on your preferences. Seeing shows and movies that you’re interested in could help promote loyalty and customer retention to Netflix, without you realizing it.

attribute booking as innovative ideas for hotels

Attribute Based: Netflix

Attribute-based booking is part of the list of innovative ideas for hotels that could bring about significant results. Just imagine how special each guest would feel if they’re able to book a custom hotel room e.g. they could decide on the layout of the space, they can borrow ornaments to decorate the space, etc. How would you feel if the hotel room you’ll book is customizable? We’re pretty sure you’ll find it interesting!

2. Smart Check In & Check Out

People are usually in a rush to check in so they could reach their hotel room and relax in a faster amount of time, after their long flights! They would also want a faster check out process to either have extra time to do some last-minute souvenir shopping or sightseeing, or be able to reach the airport in time for their flight back home.

One of the innovative ideas for hotels that makes the check in and check out process more convenient and more interesting for guests is artificial intelligence (AI). In Japan, some hotels have robots manning the reception desk.

robot receptionists innovative ideas for hotels

Booking a Hotel in Japan

There are robots that look and act like real humans. Some of the robot receptionists look like dinosaurs! You’ll also find machines in the reception area where you can scan your passport, pay for your reservation, and get the key card to your hotel room! Just imagine how this will eliminate the long lines at the reception desk, whether you’re checking in or checking out.

3. Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t joined the Influencer Marketing bandwagon yet, 2020 is the time to do so! Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media influencers can help attract more guests to book with your hotel, resort, or B&B.

Some people make decisions based on what they see online. If a popular person (the influencer) promotes your hotel, many of his / her followers will get curious or take interest in your hotel and would want to book with you on their next staycation, family bonding, celebrations, or corporate events. Of course, you should take some time to research on a number of influencers before choosing one. If you have the budget, working with more than one influencer is a good idea!

influencer innovative ideas for hotels

Influencer Marketing for Hotels

Influencer Marketing is one of the innovative ideas for hotels that could save you some $$$. It’s like placing an ad on TV or radio, without needing to shell out lots of money. After all, more and more people prefer to watch shows and videos online e.g. on YouTube and social media, resulting in the “birth of influencers”, with these influencers affecting the choices and decisions of their fans and followers! 

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