Hotel Internet Marketing

Lights On provides ongoing marketing services, as well as strategic engagements and consultative guidance to independent hotels and small hotel chains. Whether we are building you a new website or driving new traffic to your website, you will find our team is heavily invested in your best return on investment. Through transparency and web analytics you will get a clear picture of your performance. 

Your website is the at the very core of your efforts. With one missing component, your other efforts can be completely wasted. How fast does your website load? Are you cannibalizing your search content? What is your conversion rate and funnel abandonment? If you don’t know, you are missing out on performance metrics that can make or break your hotel’s web direct channel.

Quality and quantity of traffic are the driving forces behind your site’s ROI. When is the last time you updated your keywords? Are you missing out on easy, cheap, and affordable web direct visitors and conversions? Let us help you take a closer look.

Is your brand accurately portrayed online? How do you handle negative reviews? Are you part of the conversation and really engaging your guests? These are essential questions that must be answered if you are to protect and grow your brand.

You can arrange for initial review of your website and current marketing efforts by contacting us today. 

Your Website

Website Design

We create unique websites that are flexible, responsive, retina ready and showcase your property in the best possible light.

Website Customization

Let your imagination run wild, get creative, and think outside the box. We can customize your website to meet whatever needs you have.

Web Analytics

Is your website really working that well? Let us help you understand what these metrics mean and how to get the most out of your website.


We develop fast websites on the latest technologies to encourage the very best user interaction.

Content Development

Need relevant copy on your website? We can develop content that tells a story, paints a picture, and puts heads in beds.

Cloud Hosting

We offer the best in class cloud hosting for your website. Fast CDN integrated redundant servers to ensure fast, safe, secure visits.

Your Traffic

It’s not just the quantity of traffic, ie the number of visitors coming to your website, that matters. It is the quality. We focus on developing high ROI traffic channels at all stages of the sales funnel. 

  • Email Marketing
  • Local Search Visibility
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Search Traffic (PPC/SEM)
  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing

Your Brand

Reputation Management

We monitor and respond to brand mentions, focusing on positive PR and suppressing negative content.

Social Media

We build unique social media presences, grow follower bases, and participate in the social communication.


We will develop strategies to increase positive online reviews from your hotel guests.